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The Adventures of Baby Big Head…

March 27, 2009

I had originally written a post for today about the annoying rain we have been getting. But then it just seemed a bit trite and pointless. This morning we had to go to a follow-up doctor’s appointment concerning Kaela’s massive head size. We, of course, don’t feel like she has a big head… but that doesn’t stop us from caller her “baby big head” or “humpty-dumpty” or other terms of big-headed endearment. We both just assumed that at this appointment today the doctor would laugh and say something about how her head was a perfect size and that all babies should be so lucky to have such amazing heads… or something like that. But no. That’s not what happened.
Her doctor, in a very unemotional and unenthusiastic manner said “Well 18.5 inches… she just bought herself a scan.”
What? She – bought – herself – a – scan? I repeated it to myself several times so my brain could absorb it. My first reaction was to just burst into tears and I am not sure why. I think it was partly anger at the doctor for being so cavalier about the whole situation. The other part was shock. I half-listened to the rest of what she was saying, but my mind was racing. I heard something about sedation and fluid on the brain and it was just not sinking in. She kept saying, “but she LOOKS great”…. What does that mean? I assume it means that she doesn’t look like a baby with fluid on the brain, but let’s make her go through a head cat scan anyway… FOR FUN??
I just had to get out of that room so I wouldn’t cry or call the doctor a lying asshole. I just had that urge… I still do. I don’t think it has anything to do with her. But when you mess with my baby or try to say something is wrong with my baby… I forget my manners. (Sorry Mom and Dad)
So we go Monday for the CT scan and to find out that there is nothing wrong with my sweet, smart, funny, adorable Kaela and to prove that asshole wrong!


I need professional help…

March 26, 2009

As you can tell from the pictures on this blog, I am not a photographer. All of the pictures posted to this site (so far) are from Devon’s iPhone. It takes me months to upload any pictures off of my nice new camera onto my computer. I just don’t really like taking pictures… or I am just not any good at it. Every picture I take of Kaela looks the same. She always looks shocked and amazed. Never smiling, never looking in another direction. Just bug-eyed staring straight into the lens. I generally don’t enjoy doing things that I suck at…. except for ballet dancing on my hardwood floors when I have socks on. (Devon thinks I am insane but I can tell the dogs enjoy my dancing!).
Anyway, if it wasn’t for my best friend, poor Kaela will grow up with only bunch of poorly lit, grainy photos to show off her very adorable face. I have somehow become lucky enough to have a professional photographer in my life who is willing and able to take beautiful pictures of my baby. Her pictures are amazing and you can tell how much she loves what she does by watching her in action. I had this pleasure when Kaela was about 3 weeks old and now we will do it again in April. The three of us are flying to Hampton, VA for a much needed visit next month. Kaela will have her first plane ride and we will get to spend time with some of our favorite people!

Same scared face

Things that freak me out…

March 19, 2009

1. back hair
2. spiders
3. jelly fish
4. religious zealots
5. spider webs
6. boy dog red-rockets
7. my new post-partum, post c-section stomach flap
8. sweaty feet
9. people who have air-brushed pictures on their truck windows
10. wrestling singlets
11. hot dogs
12. hotel sheets
13. Wheel of Fortune
14. gas station bathrooms
15. spam

Here is a completely unrelated picture of Kaela (in very poor lighting) – because that’s really why you are reading this right now!



March 17, 2009

Everything in our house is loud. I never knew how creaky our hardwood floors were. I never realized how loud the ice maker was when it dropped ice cubes into the ice bucket. I never before wanted to strangle my dog when he shook his head and jingled his tags. Of course it doesn’t help that our baby naps in the kitchen… in the middle of the house. We have every baby seat/ crib/ swing you could imagine, but she chooses a plastic high-chair! Meant for eating, not sleeping. She even has a baby papasan for crying out loud… (which is exactly what she does when we put her in it!) And of course this chair can’t be put in her room, she has to be on the bar in the kitchen and facing the stove. We have named the stove “Stovie”. (I think this helps us feel like better parents for letting a large appliance put our child to sleep for us.) This only works with “Stovie” not the fridge, not the sink. We discovered this completely by accident, but our general parenting philosophy is “whatever works!”.
This crazy nap routine does cause some minor disruptions in our daily lives. Because she is sleeping right in the middle of the house, Devon and I have to sneak around like ninjas. We will duck down and avoid looking right at her. It’s almost as if she can see through her eyelids and knows when we are looking at her. Her eyes will instantly pop open and she will be wide awake. We keep the lights off, turn the TV down and try to keep from sneezing! We have to avoid doing laundry, dishes or cooking while she is sleeping. (I didn’t say it was all bad!) We tiptoe, whisper and walk around with our bodies at 90 degree angles to make sure we don’t wake her and make sure she doesn’t see us. Then the phone rings…


7 months…

March 12, 2009

This week, Kaela celebrates her 7th month of life. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. 7 months of pregnancy seemed to last 7 years, but the first 7 months of her life have felt more like 7 weeks! She has grown and changed so much. It’s hard to imagine that she went from a small blob of sleepiness to a laughing, eating, playing little girl. I can already see glimpses of her personality and I think she will have a wonderful sense of humor. (She might need to with the size of her eyebrows!) I love that she laughs at Oscar when he walks away. Butts are already funny. I love that she slaps her self on the legs when she is excited about something. I love the look of pure joy on her face when she see’s her daddy. I love that she concentrates so hard when she is discovering something new. I love that she loves going out of the house and isn’t afraid of new people. I love that her forehead turns purple when she is pooping. I just love her!

(sorry about the quality of the picture here- the restaurant was dark and we had no flash)

Sam’s Club may be hazardous to your health…

March 6, 2009

Devon and I have had a long running hate/ hate relationship with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Partially because of the Wal Mart Movie and partially because of the mass chaos and yucky people who tend to flock to the Mart in astounding numbers. Have you ever been to Wal-Mart and it wasn’t busy? Maybe at 3 AM you might get a parking space in the same zip code as your store. But as everything else in our lives has changed because of Kaela, so have our shopping needs. Before we were just fine with shopping at Target and occasionally K-Mart. Sam’s Club happens to sell baby formula in giant containers at a good price. We were getting friends to use their memberships and buy our formula, but it wasn’t very convenient for us or for them. So we did it. We renewed our very expired Sam’s Club membership for a bargain price of $40. We went to this dark and scary land of bulk shopping on Saturday… and so did the rest of Asheville. I was so overwhelmed- there were way too many people, too many screaming, dirty kids, too many giant containers of mayonnaise…
We decided to hide under the large metal shelves in their comfy recliners (probably made by 6 year olds in China) and rest for a minute before we spent a small fortune on 6 months worth of toilet paper, baby formula and diapers. After we sat for a while playing with the baby and doing some people watching, we decided to head out. Because I don’t pay attention of all of the commotion, I just stood up. I stood up! We were under a giant metal shelving unit. All I really remember is everything went black and I was on the floor. After a minute of trying to figure out what happened, Devon helped me up and we tried to get out of there as soon as possible. I tried to go to urgent care (because Devon made me) but they wouldn’t see me because they do not have a CT machine. I really didn’t think I needed a CT scan so I convinced Devon to let me go home and to tell him if anything felt weird. I’m sure I probably had a mild concussion, but I’m okay now.
The best part is that I figured out we are actually saving about $.25 on that formula we had to have. So with the $40 membership fee, we will start saving money after buying about 2000 containers of formula… totally worth the head injury.

My first babies

March 5, 2009

Something unexpected happens when you have a child. Your pets become extremely annoying less tolerable. These creatures that you once treated like children take a back seat to your new bundle of joy. I have witnessed this with many friends but I never thought it would happen to us. Before Kaela, we used to entertain ourselves by watching our dogs play, making fun of Mason hopping around and Oscar’s dumbness silliness. We played with them all the time and would rub their bellies on demand… and now… we are constantly telling them to leave the baby alone and to GO LAY DOWN. I think they feel left out and hurt – and they show it by eating the baby’s toys and socks. Their brains can’t process this new change and all they know is that they used to get more hugs, more pats on the head and more love. I used to take a minute to pet each of them every night before bed. Now I can’t even remember to let them out to pee. I’m sure I would even forget to feed them if they didn’t remind me. It’s not that I love them any less, but I’m sure it seems that way in their little minds. I have to do better. Now don’t get me wrong, these dogs live better than a lot of people. They stay inside a heated house whenever they want. They get good, healthy food and plenty of treats. They each have $100 beds to sleep on (although they prefer to sleep on our dirty clothes). We could probably buy a car for the amount of money we have spent on vet bills and surgeries. The bottom line is we need to spend more time with them. We need to give them affection and attention. They are good dogs. They were my first babies.