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Vacation and Vomit…

April 24, 2009

So last weekend, Devon and I decided to take Kaela on her first plane ride. We wanted to visit my best friend who lives in Virginia and the thought of a 7 hour drive (each way) with an 8 month old did not sound like much of a vacation.
Our first flight left out of Asheville at 5:30am! I know, I’m crazy. It was so much cheaper to leave early and we thought it would be no big deal. Um, yes, wake a baby up 3 hours early and see how much fun she is for the day! (Obviously, we are new at this whole parenting thing!) Of course, we almost missed our plane because we thought we could get up at 4:00am and make it on time! Ha! We are brilliant sometimes. So after running through the airport, paying a rediculous amount to check our bags, getting grief in the security check for our baby formula and pedialite, we finally made it on the plane. I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the other passengers. They were thinking 5:30 flight = sleep! WRONG! Other passengers…. meet Kaela!
She wasn’t that bad, but she wasn’t happy to be on that plane. She had an ear infection but her doctor and our non-refundable plane tickets said that she should be “fine” on the plane!
Our connecting flight was delayed about an hour, but we made it to VA by 10:00am!
From the start, things just didn’t go as smoothly as we had imagined. Maybe the delayed flight that had to have “maintenance” should have given us a glimpse of what was to come….
Here is the condensed version:
1. Tripping on the sidewalk going up to their house, falling down and twisting my ankle.
2. Kaela crying for hours the first night, not wanting to go to sleep in a strange house after completely ruining her schedule for that day (geezzz, what is wrong with that baby??!)
3. Kassia’s baby (Noah) puking all over her as soon as we ordered our drinks at the restaurant.
4. Having to leave the restaurant because Noah was sick and I felt like I was going to puke all over Kassia too!
5. Getting food poisoning and vomiting my guts out. Feeling like I was going to die. Very hard to have food poisoning, even harder to do it in someone else’s house. Thank God they have 2 bathrooms!
6. Kassia getting sick too and spending all day Sunday laying around trying not to puke on each other.
7. Because of the aforementioned food poisoning, not getting to have family pictures made as planned. I was not feeling so photogenic with puke in my hair…. I know, weird, huh??

And for the good parts:
1. Spending time with great friends that you can totally be yourself around- they still love me even though I puked in their trash can and didn’t bathe for 2 days…
2. Laughing so hard several times that my drink almost came out of my nose.
3. Watching Devon breaking a sweat playing the Wii against a 5 year old, and losing.
4. Watching Noah steal Kaela’s toys the babies play together.
5. Getting to be with DJ on his 31st birthday- I think we have missed the last 5!
6. Saying goodbye and not crying because I know I will see them again in July!!
7. Watching Trey play 1st base on his T-ball team and getting to see DJ as the coach.
8. The beautiful view, the amazing weather, falling in love with her 2 beautiful boys and having my best friend back in the states!

I’d do it all over again….

For pictures (yes, I am very lazy)- go to Kassia’s blog!


Watch your mouth…

April 3, 2009

It’s not like we usually talk like sailors, or drunk red-necks, but I wouldn’t call our language “kid friendly”. I don’t notice it until I am around kids… who can talk. I have to pretend I am talking to my boss, or my boss’s boss, or a nun or something. (I haven’t had many conversations with nuns, but I would imagine I wouldn’t talk about my dog’s “red rocket” or anyone’s rocket for that matter!)
Devon has a much harder time than I do. He has no censor. It’s pretty funny to me now, but when Kaela’s first word is of the four letter variety, I might think differently. A couple of weekends ago we were hanging curtains in Kaela’s room. Because our house is so old and has walls made of plaster, he had to put the brackets into the widow frame. This was not going well, the frame was cracking and the expletives were flowing.
Devon – “Stupid son of a b****”
Kaela- “Bla, deeda, bla, ga, ga”
Me- “Dada said he loves puppies”
Devon – “What the f*** is wrong with this damn thing?!!!”
Me- “Dada said rainbows and princesses and flowers…”
Devon- “I hate this damn house sometimes, COME ON YOU STUPID SOB- SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!”
KAELA- “HEE HEE” (laughing)
Me- “Come on Kaela; let’s go play in the living room!”

Looks cute, doesn’t it?

Kaela's room

Is your hair naturally curly?

April 2, 2009

I must get asked this question at least once a week. I want to say “NO! I sit there for about 4 hours every morning and curl every strand of my hair with a curling iron.” Or my other favorite question is “Did you get a perm?” OH YEAH! Sure I did!! How many people do you know under the age of 50 who get perms anymore? I was cursed blessed with piles and piles of curly hairs. ( I don’t know if it’s a good thing when someone refers to their hair in piles.) I was also fortunate enough to be given natural grey highlights. Yes, that’s right. I’ve had them since I was 16 or so. (Thanks, Dad!) So I have to color my hair at least every 3 weeks or I look like a crazy witch with grey streaky hair! Hot, I know. I am not saying that I would trade my hair for straight hair… but I would in a second. It’s so time consuming and when it looks bad, man it looks bad. But when I feel like spending an hour on it, it looks fabulous… but full time job, new baby and no social life…. I can’t even remember the last time I did that!
So this makes me wonder what Kaela’s hair will do… right now it is a crazy, spikey mullet. The pediatrician said that it’s spikey, so it will be curly. When she said that, I actually felt a little sad for her.. for just a second. Devon’s hair is so straight, thick and shiny. Instead she will get wiry, frizzy and puffy. It is so hard being 12, but 12 with a bad hair day is even worse. Until that day, we’ll enjoy being able to towel-dry her head after a bath and a life without hair products. Maybe she will love to play with hers as much as she loves to play with mine!

Kaela in my hair

Part 2.. The Adventures of Baby Big Head

April 1, 2009

After the longest weekend of our lives, we finally had the CT scan and received the results the same day! Of course everything is fine. Kaela is fine. I can’t even imagine how many glasses of wine I had new grey hairs I sprouted over those 3 days. I am exhausted.
This whole ordeal was probably harder on Devon who made the mistake of getting online and yes, he googled. That’s right, he googled. I made this mistake so many times during my pregnancy that I was convinced I would give birth to something resembling a 3 legged bald cat.
Google is such a great and evil tool. Being well informed is good, but being over-informed is masochistic. If you Google your headaches, you will think you have inoperable brain tumors. You Google your mole, you have skin cancer. You Google your baby’s big head and…. (I can’t answer that because I DIDN’T GOOGLE!!). So I probably got a little more sleep than Devon this weekend but I think he learned a valuable lesson… Put Down the Google and Walk Away!!