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10 Months…

June 19, 2009

Dear Kaela,

You are 10 months old now and I really wanted to tell you about all of the amazing things that you do. I wanted to tell you about the amazing person that you already have become. Some things just don’t fit into a baby book.

1. When I put you over my shoulder to burp you after a big bottle, you pat my back to burp me at the same time.

2. You love to say the word “dog”. I don’t think anyone can really understand how many times you say it each day. You call me dog. You say it with a deep southern accent. I’m not sure that you are mine.

3. You are eating everything we put in front of you. You might chew on it for 30 minutes first, but you never spit anything out. Again, I’m not sure you are my child.

4. You love to be held, but you hate to cuddle.

5. You like to slap the dogs in the face and they sit there and let you. You think that is hilarious.

6. You want to crawl so badly. Your frustration level increases every day that you can’t destroy the house.

7. You are growing 6 teeth at one time and that makes you scream like we are stabbing you in the eye. So cute.

8. You try to dive out of my arms when I am holding you but cry when I put you down. When you are exhausted, you don’t want to sleep and when you are starving, you are too upset to eat. You make this job too easy!

9. You love to look at yourself in the mirror.

10. You have the ability to make me forget about my bad day at work with just one smile.

Mommy (a.k.a. dog)




June 8, 2009

Last weekend, Kaela got to hang out with her cousin Jackson. My sister and her husband came for a long overdue visit. Jackson was very excited to see “baby Kaela”! Not sure why she is always baby Kaela, but it sure was cute. It was also cute how he kept calling her a boy and asking why “he” did this or if this was “his” favorite toy. It was a quick visit so we didn’t do much besides eat… which is really all we ever do when people visit! We did have one request from my dad to take a picture of them together. Of course we completely forgot until the last minute. They were on their way out the door and Kaela was screaming her head off because she really needed a nap. We threw them on the couch together and Devon took out his iPhone and this is it… really, this is it. Next time they are together, I promise we will take more. Maybe I can even get Kassia to take some this summer…

Jackson and Kaela