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Vacation and celebration…

July 23, 2009

I can’t wait. I feel like a little kid at 5am on Christmas morning… waiting impatiently for my parents to get up so I can open my presents. (Not that I ever did that, I have always loved to sleep!) We have been planning this for almost a year.

Vacation heals me.

I need time. I need time away from work and time with my friends and my family. I need to unwind, deflate and laugh until I pee. I need to hug my friends in person and get to know their children.

I didn’t grow up with an extended family around. To me, my friends are my extended family (but better because I chose them and wasn’t just born with matching blood types).

I am so lucky to have friends that I want to share a vacation with.
To want to share 3 bathrooms between 20 people, share my toothpaste, share tears of laughter, share bottles of wine, share great conversation and share memories.

I want Kaela to grow up knowing these people. I want her to ask who I am talking to on the phone and know right away who I mean. When I say “Mommy’s friend, Sarah”, I want her to be able to picture her red hair and freckled skin. When I say I am talking to Kassia, I want her to be able to hear her great laugh. We are taking the first step in making this a reality.

So I am going (in two days!). I will be back in a week with a lot of pictures to share and hopefully renewed energy and a million new memories.


More cousins…

July 16, 2009

Last year, when my sister-in-law told us that she was going to have another baby, we were shocked so excited! We knew the babies would only be about 2 months apart. They would grow up together and be best friends. That is our plan and we are trying to start them young. Jayce is a happy, adorable, chunky monkey! You can’t help but fall in love with him the minute you see the little munchkin. He came to visit his only favorite cousin last week and we took them both to dinner. They were so cute together. We looked like idiots trying to get them to smile for the camera at the same time…. No such luck! But here’s what we did get…

kaela and jayce serious 5

kaela and Jayce 4

kaela and Jayce 3

black and white kalea jayce

Kaela and Jayce 2