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November 20, 2009

Sweat was dripping into my eyes and burning from my makeup that was still left on since early in the morning. There was a pain in my right knee and I can’t stop counting the seconds and each 10th of a mile. My shorts are too big and I have to tighten the draw string over and over again. The basement is damp from the recent rain and my iPod is playing a song that’s just too slow. I feel dehydrated and exhausted and wonder what in the world I am doing running in the basement, (with the spiders) at 9:00 at night. And then…

My breathing slows down. The perfect song comes on and I no longer feel the pain in my knee. I look straight ahead instead of at my treadmill clock. I can feel the music in my muscles. I feel like I could run forever. My mind wanders onto other things. Good things. I feel light as a feather and better than I had all day. Next thing I know, I’ve run for 50 minutes and stop only because it’s so late.

At that moment, there is no place I would rather be. That is why I run. That is why I run at 9:00 at night in a dark, damp basement after working a 10 hour day.

I have heard of the “runner’s high”. I never believed it was real. Now I know there’s nothing better.


A night in the life of Lisa…

November 13, 2009

My child does not sleep through the night. Ever.

Neither do my dogs. I know, it’s ridiculous.

Some nights I feel like I spend more time out of bed than I do in it. I know that’s an exaggeration, but at 3:30 in the morning….



12:50am – (Kaela)- “wa, wa”

12:51am- (Me)- thinking I will ignore it and it will stop

12:52am-(Kaela)-“waaaaaaaaaaa, AHHHHHHHHHHH,WWWWAAAAAA”

12:53am-(Me)- out of bed pouring milk into a sippy cup, shoving it in her cry-hole and searching for the pacifier in the dark… shoving that into the aforementioned cry-hole, putting the milk back into the fridge, tiptoeing back to bed trying not to wake the whole street with my creaky floors.


3:16am-(Oscar)- “cry, cry, cry”

3:17am-(me)- rolling over trying to pretend he was just talking in his sleep or that I was dreaming.

3:17am-(Devon)- sleep, dream, snore

3:18am-(Oscar)- “mmm, mmmmm, let me pee, let me pee” (okay, maybe he doesn’t really say that, but it sounds like it)

3:19am-(Me)- jumping up to let the dumb dog outside so he doesn’t wake up the baby.

3:20am-(Kaela)-“Waaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

3:21am-(Me)- “you stupid dogs, LAY DOWN, SHUT UP *$#$&%#$*%#”

3:21am-(Devon)- sleep, dream, snore

3:22am-(Me)- going into Kaela’s room, finding pacifier again- it’s always under her back or her neck, shoving it into her mouth, creeping back to bed.


4:50am-(DOGS)- “Cry, cry, feed me, feed me”- they don’t understand daylight savings time and think it’s time for breakfast.

4:51am-(me)- “SHUT UP!!!!”- in a whispering yell.

4:55am-(DOGS)- “Cry, cry, feed me, I’m hungry. Feed Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

4:56am-(Devon)- sleep, dream, snore

4:56am-(me)- get out of bed again so the dogs don’t wake up the sleeping monster-child and feeding them so I can put them outside and get my last hour of sleep.

5:05am-(me)- tip-toe back to bed past Kaela’s room and lay there for 20 minutes trying to get back to sleep.


6:05am- (Alarm clock)- “beeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeep.”

6:05am- (me)- hitting snooze as fast as I can and look over at Devon and think about dumping a bucket of cold water on his face.

6:05am (Devon)- sleep, dream, snore.

6:15am- (Me) give up, decide to get revenge later, getting out of bed to get ready for work.

And… scene.


November 11, 2009

I never knew that toddlers could be funny. I mean, they are kind of funny looking with their big heads and their drunken walks. It’s fun to laugh at them when they throw a fit and it’s kind of hilarious when they get mad because you won’t let them eat that clump of dog hair or that penny under the couch covered in dog hair. But I didn’t realize they could have these funny little personalities and it’s probably the best part of having kids, so far.

Example 1:

Instead of being insane baby-proofers, we decided to just teach our little smarty-pants where she is allowed to go in the house and where she can’t go and what she can’t touch (the fire place, the wine bottles, the dog bowls). She understands “no” and for the most part, we thought our little plan was working. The problem with our logic is that anything we say “no” to, becomes the most interesting thing in the room and so we are not as smart as we thought we were we may have to come up with a plan B.
The good thing is that whenever she decides to break the rule and go play on the fireplace or splash the water out of the dog bowls, she tells us she is about to do it. When she is about 5 steps away, she looks right at us and says “no, no, no, no, no” in the cutest little baby voice. She gets this big smile on her face and then I just have to pick her up and hug her and tickle her. I’m sure I am rewarding the behavior, but I can’t help myself.

Example 2:

Everything is a phone to Kaela. She picks up random things around the house and holds them to her ear like a phone. Then she says “Hewo, Hey!” (she can’t say the “L” sound). She uses the TV remotes, a corn holder, her blankie and anything else that will fit in her little hand. She will probably want a cell phone when she is 3. Of course when anyone is really on our phones and wants to talk to her she stares at the phone and is completely silent.

Example 3:

Kaela has a pretty big vocabulary for her age, but her favorite saying is “I know”. She says it all the time. It usually comes out when she is tired or upset about something. She will fall down and say “I know, I know”. It cracks me up.

She also gets some of her new words confused. She uses the word “baby” for so many different things. She knows that a baby is a baby. She also calls her blanket a “bebies” and she calls books “babbies” and every child, regardless of their age is a “baby”. She shouts it out too. Some times these big kids hear her and seem a little offended.

She has also been calling Devon “mommy” a lot lately. I think it’s funny. He doesn’t.

Well, for the real reason you are reading this… pictures!


” You can’t tell me what to do”


“I will eat that off the floor if I want to”

“Get that camera out of my face!”


“I’m not doing anything…”