A night in the life of Lisa…

My child does not sleep through the night. Ever.

Neither do my dogs. I know, it’s ridiculous.

Some nights I feel like I spend more time out of bed than I do in it. I know that’s an exaggeration, but at 3:30 in the morning….



12:50am – (Kaela)- “wa, wa”

12:51am- (Me)- thinking I will ignore it and it will stop

12:52am-(Kaela)-“waaaaaaaaaaa, AHHHHHHHHHHH,WWWWAAAAAA”

12:53am-(Me)- out of bed pouring milk into a sippy cup, shoving it in her cry-hole and searching for the pacifier in the dark… shoving that into the aforementioned cry-hole, putting the milk back into the fridge, tiptoeing back to bed trying not to wake the whole street with my creaky floors.


3:16am-(Oscar)- “cry, cry, cry”

3:17am-(me)- rolling over trying to pretend he was just talking in his sleep or that I was dreaming.

3:17am-(Devon)- sleep, dream, snore

3:18am-(Oscar)- “mmm, mmmmm, let me pee, let me pee” (okay, maybe he doesn’t really say that, but it sounds like it)

3:19am-(Me)- jumping up to let the dumb dog outside so he doesn’t wake up the baby.

3:20am-(Kaela)-“Waaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

3:21am-(Me)- “you stupid dogs, LAY DOWN, SHUT UP *$#$&%#$*%#”

3:21am-(Devon)- sleep, dream, snore

3:22am-(Me)- going into Kaela’s room, finding pacifier again- it’s always under her back or her neck, shoving it into her mouth, creeping back to bed.


4:50am-(DOGS)- “Cry, cry, feed me, feed me”- they don’t understand daylight savings time and think it’s time for breakfast.

4:51am-(me)- “SHUT UP!!!!”- in a whispering yell.

4:55am-(DOGS)- “Cry, cry, feed me, I’m hungry. Feed Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

4:56am-(Devon)- sleep, dream, snore

4:56am-(me)- get out of bed again so the dogs don’t wake up the sleeping monster-child and feeding them so I can put them outside and get my last hour of sleep.

5:05am-(me)- tip-toe back to bed past Kaela’s room and lay there for 20 minutes trying to get back to sleep.


6:05am- (Alarm clock)- “beeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeep.”

6:05am- (me)- hitting snooze as fast as I can and look over at Devon and think about dumping a bucket of cold water on his face.

6:05am (Devon)- sleep, dream, snore.

6:15am- (Me) give up, decide to get revenge later, getting out of bed to get ready for work.

And… scene.


One Response to “A night in the life of Lisa…”

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