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Apple owes me money… or something

January 27, 2010

After being sick for an entire month, I was a totally off my running schedule. I had signed up for a 10K race for the 23rd of January so I decided to do it even though there was a possibility that I would be laid out in the middle of the road and people would run right over me and possibly step on my face. The week before the race I started to feel better so I had to start running again to get ready. I started off slow, (well I am already slow…) doing only 3 miles, then I went to 4 and finally a little over 5. I had never run over 5.5 miles, so I was a little worried anyway. The night before the race I stayed up late to get my iPod playlist updated so I would have some new music to run to. (Thanks to my awesome sister who got me an iTunes gift certificate for Christmas!) I also dyed my gray hair roots so that if I did die of a heart attack on the course, I wouldn’t look like an old hag doing it. I was prepared!!
When I woke up on Race Day, it was dark outside. I thought my clock was wrong, but it was just so nasty outside that it looked dark. It was drizzling and about 32 degrees. Lovely. I layered up and drove to the starting area. There was no parking anywhere so I had to walk forever in the freezing cold to go stand in line to get my race number and free goods. The lines were long and I got to the starting line about 10 minutes before the big event. I already had my iPod in my arm band and ready to go. All I had to do was press start.
Me- pushing start.
iPod- nothing
Me- pushing start again
iPod- nothing
Me- trying to turn the iPod off to re-start it.
iPod- nothing
Me- freaking out and pushing every button on the stupid thing
iPod- nothing
Me- asking everyone around me if they know what is wrong with this STUPID iPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone else- “oh, that SUCKS”
Me- “I know this SUCKS. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED MY iPod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER run without music. I CAN’T do it. I don’t know HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
iPod- nothing.
Me- very tempted to run over the stupid thing with my car. (I might have if I hadn’t had to park so far away!)
So the race started anyway, even without my iPod working! I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to just go home and get back in bed. But I didn’t. I suffered through. For about the first mile, I was running with a girl with her music up so loud that I could almost hear it. But then she started running at the pace of a normal person and took off past me. I hate that girl. Anyway, I guess it wasn’t that bad. I did finish. I didn’t have a heart attack- even after the last mile that was straight uphill. And Devon and Kaela were waiting at the finish line cheering me on! I finished in 1:10. Not bad for my first one….
And at least my hair looked good!


A conversation with a 17 month old…

January 15, 2010

“So are you hungry?”


“Do you want peanut butter?”


“Yes! Peanut butter.”


“Here you go.”

“eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. NO!”

“You don’t want your peanut butter?”


“You want to give it to the doggie?”


“You want to give it to Daddy? He’s not here.”

“wher da daddy?”

“He’s playing basketball.”


“Do you want your sandwich now?”

“wite, wite, wite, wite” (as she is pointing to every light in the house)

“Stop trying to change the subject. Are you going to eat?”


“Yes, eat.”


“I give up.”


My New Year’s Resolutions… or something like that.

January 6, 2010

1. I will try to eat more salads.
2. I will try to eat fewer french fries.
3. I will try to focus on the things I like about my job…. once I figure out what that may be.
4. I will try to call my friends more, instead of “talking” on facebook.
5. I will try to send birthday cards to people, instead of sending a birthday email.
6. I will try to give my dogs more kisses and hugs.
7. I will try to be more of a wife to my husband and not just the mother of his child.
8. I will run my first half-marathon.
9. I will try to visit my grandmother more.
10. I will try to make new friends.
11. I will try not to spend all day Sunday dreading going to work on Monday.
12. I will try to get up earlier so my mornings will be less stressful.
13. I will try to judge people less based on their bad shoes.