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The best…

February 26, 2010

She’s loveable but not very loving. She will give kisses when she feels like it. She prefers to show affection toward stuffed animals, Elmo and her baby dolls. Sometimes when I pick her up from her babysitter, she won’t even look at me or she will cry when I try to take her home. She will ask for her daddy as soon as we’re alone together. She wants me to play with her, but only until she sees one of the dogs. They are way more fun. My heart breaks a little every time this independent little girl doesn’t need her mommy. I’m the one that makes her stop playing and go to bed. I’m the one who makes her take a bath and gets water in her eyes. I’m the one who has to force feed her dinner that she doesn’t want. I’m the one who’s gone for work 11 hours a day. I can see her point. But then just sometimes she forgives me. Sometimes I am not so bad. While being carried off to bed, she put her tiny, soft hands against my tired cheeks and said “Mommy” and gave me a huge kiss on the mouth and then rested her head on my shoulder. There is nothing like it. I still haven’t recovered.


18 months

February 25, 2010

I watch her run around the corner and she trips over her own clumsy feet.
I chase her around the house and she laughs and laughs.
I listen to her tell me about her day and I can’t really understand what she is saying.
She orders me to sing Row, row, row your boat… and I do.
She sits on her potty for about 2.3 seconds before she leaps off and starts running around her room naked.
She desperately wants to feed herself with a spoon but she can’t help but dump the food out onto her lap before it gets to her mouth.
She will cry and throw a fit when I take her out of the bathtub unless I let her brush her own teeth as soon as she gets out.
She is obsessed with Elmo and walks around pointing the “mote” (remote control) at the TV trying to make it show Elmo.
She still has a crazy mullet and loves it when I play with her hair.
Whenever her she drops her dolls or a stuffed animal, she asks it if it’s okay.
She used to call both dogs “Oggar” (Oscar) but now they are both “Mesa” (Mason). I don’t know why they have to have the same name.
She wants to get down and walk everywhere we go and if we don’t let her she gets so mad that she will slap herself in the face.
She can make the animal sounds for cows, pigs, doggies, kitties, sheep, lions, tigers and bears.
She is a very light sleeper and will wake up in the middle of the night and start having a conversation with herself or her stuffed animals.
She is 18 months old now and completely amazing.