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Death Wish

March 16, 2010

It started at Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop. We were playing while I was waiting for our sandwiches to be made. She wanted me to chase her around the shop and there was no one else in there, so I did. She is about as graceful as I am and never looks where she is going. She ran too close to the wall, hit her head and fell to the ground. Luckily she (for once) put her hands down to stop herself from breaking her fall with her mouth, her preferred method. She cried for about 2 minutes about that and then again for about 10 minutes because I wouldn’t let her run out into the parking lot. Into traffic.

Next, while trying to feed my anorexic toddler some left-over turkey taco meat she decided to eat Devon’s wedding ring. She is not a child who normally wants to eat things. She certainly won’t eat any food, so putting inanimate objects in her mouth is not a priority for her. Because of this, I am not hyper-vigilant about keeping smaller objects out of her reach. The ring was at first providing a good distraction as she would put it on my finger and say “Ooooh Ring” and then I would cram a spoonful of food into her mouth. I would then put it back on her finger. It was no biggie. Next thing I know she drops that shiny ring all the way into the back of her throat. Luckily I was sitting about one foot away from her so I just stuck my finger in her mouth and pulled it out. She screamed at me and that was definitely the end of dinner. She was “all done!!”.

After the great start to our night and her 4 bites of food, she was ready to play and we went to her room to read her books. I let her stay up a little late because she was having so much fun kissing all of the doggies on her books. She might be a little obsessed. I also taught her how to make the sound for a donkey. That was pretty funny. She was very upset when I told her it was bath time and cried until I showed her all of her bath toys. I was running the water and she was throwing her rubber frogs into the tub. I stood up to change my shirt so I wouldn’t get my sleeves wet and I heard PLUNK! She had reached into the bathtub and fell in!! Again, I was right there and scooped her tiny wet body up out of the water. She was still fully dressed and soaked and screaming. Devon came running in when he heard the commotion. I think I was more upset than she was. We took her wet clothes off and she was fine as soon as she got back in the tub. I was not so fine.
Luckily it was bed time, so I managed to get her dried off and tucked into bed and kept her alive and breathing the whole time!! This whole parenting thing is a piece of cake!