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Home, Sweet Home…

July 21, 2010

The ocean has amazing healing properties. It heals my soul. Nothing compares to that feeling of the waves moving your body with the current or trying to swim against it. The ocean is massive and we are so small, yet it is one of the places I feel the safest. It lifts me up and carries me to shore. The sun is scorching and the ocean is a respite from the sweltering heat. When I emerge from the water, I feel whole and renewed. I don’t even mind the dried salt and sand sticking to every inch of my body. I crave it.

Growing up near the coast, I would be there as often as possible. I wasn’t one of those people who lived near the beach and never went. I had to go. The current pulled me in. I was, sadly, one of those people who didn’t appreciate that luxury. I assumed my ocean and I would always be there for each other. When I chose to move away, I didn’t realize what I would be giving up but now I appreciate it so much more.

Next week I will be going home. I am not referring to my parent’s house or even the state where I grew up, but to my beach. That’s my home. We have made a great life for our family in the mountains and I don’t ever regret that decision, but work is hard. Life is stressful. I need some one-on-one time with my friend.


Toddler for sale…

July 15, 2010

What makes Kaela turn into an insanely irate little monster this week…

  1. Sitting still.
  2. Sitting in a high chair, car seat, basically anything with restraints or buckles.
  3. Putting shoes on or taking shoes off.
  4. When the milk doesn’t come out of the sippy cup fast enough.
  5. When the milk comes out of the cup too fast and spills on her shirt.
  6. When the sun is in her eyes.
  7. When water is in her eyes.
  8. When she pokes her own eyes.
  9. Baths.
  10. Eating.
  11. Having to go home after being anywhere else.
  12. When the dog’s tail hits her in the face.
  13. When the dog’s butt knocks her down.
  14. When her baby doll’s hat comes off.
  15. Wearing hats.
  16. When she runs into walls or doors.
  17. When she can’t get doors open.
  18. When I won’t go play with her in her room.
  19. When I try to leave her room while she is still playing.
  20. When I give her kisses when she doesn’t want me to.
  21. When her daddy leaves the house.
  22. When I come into the house.
  23. When I won’t let her play with my phone.
  24. When I won’t let her play with knives.
  25. When I won’t let her run into traffic.
  26. When I don’t let her drink wine.

Good think she is so cute! ( Oh, and check out that bruise…head vs. driveway.)

And the results are in…

July 8, 2010

So boot camp came and went and I must say that I miss it. I’m not sure what exactly I miss about it, but I wish it wasn’t so expensive or I would do it every month. Anyway, on the last day we re-weighed ourselves, checked our body fat percentages again and re-measured our waist, hips and chest. And… (drum roll please!)… Nothing. Now granted I believe that my instructor was a total idiot and could barely work the scale, never mind the fancy body fat percentage calculator, but nothing. Actually, that’s not true. My body fat percentage went UP by 3%!!! That is crazy and I know it’s not true. His explanation of why that happened was that I had been sick with a sinus infection. I asked if sinus infections make you fatter. He was like…”um, no, but you know”… he had no clue. So now, after a month of boot camp, according to his measurements, I am officially obese. YIKES! Whatever. I didn’t need to have actual number results, but it would have been nice to say, I lost 8 lbs and 6% body fat like the other woman who did it with me. Oh well. I do notice a huge difference in the way that my clothes fit me. I am down at least one size, two in pants and my thighs don’t rub together when I run anymore. SCORE!! So I am totally pleased with the results. Also, by the last day I was able to do 40 pushups in a minute. Girl pushups of course, but more than double from what I could do when it started. I can do 50 without stopping. I guess what I am saying is that I am basically a bad-ass now. Just call me GI Jane. The best thing I got out of it was remembering how much I like to exercise (not just running-which is all I have done in over a year) and that I like to do it in the morning (I have never done that in my life). I have been going to the gym before work since boot camp ended and it just makes me feel better for the whole day. This is a crazy concept for me. Me, the girl who almost changed her major in college so she wouldn’t have to take an 8:00am class. Seriously, I considered it.

Here’s Kaela at the playground, her new favorite place.