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Just Slide…

August 28, 2010

We are always in a hurry. Our lives are so busy and we are always on our way to something or getting ready to go somewhere. Our schedules are rigid and unforgiving. Every minute of each day seems to be planned out and routine.

We have jobs. We have bills to pay. We have appointments to keep, houses we have to clean and lawns we have to mow.

Sometimes it seems like our whole lives are “have to”. Where does the “want to” fit in?

Recently an old high-school friend of mine picked up and moved with her family to Central America. They gave up their routines and schedules and just went. They no longer “have to”. They spend their days surfing, eating, and doing the things they love. That just seems so brave to me. Her husband has an internet business and because the cost of living is so low there, she was able to quit her job and stay home with her children. When I read her blog about her new life, I am so jealous. I also know that I am not quite that brave.


The other morning when I was getting ready for work, Kaela was awake running through the house, sucking her pacifier, and dragging her blankie though the dog hair coated floors. She was asking me what I was doing and where we were going. I tried to explain that Mommy had to go to work and Kaela had to go to school. She told me “no Mommy. I just want to swing”. I put my shoes on and she was asking me “going to slide Mommy?” I said “no sweetie. Mommy has to go to work”. I felt tears well up and sting my eyes. I didn’t want her to see me upset so I rushed out the door. As I was leaving, I could hear her crying out “I want to go slide!”

I arrived at work to a desk piled high with problems, angry voicemails and never-ending emails. I sat in my drab grey cubicle, in a fog, thinking how I would rather be at the playground with my baby but that is in the “want to” category and my life is “have to”. I thought about what my life would be like if I was brave.

One-day maybe. We are making changes- starting a business, being proactive. We want to be able to do the things we want to do. Does this mean we are going to move to a foreign country? Probably not. However, does it mean that one day we can just slide? Maybe.


Mommy, kiss my butt…

August 23, 2010

Kaela’s new thing is to have us kiss her “boo boo’s”. She also wants to kiss all of our boo-boo’s too. She thinks everything is a boo-boo. This includes marker, freckles, wrinkles, veins, and this weird red thingy (technical term) that Devon has on his leg.

Also, whenever she gets excited or upset and hits us with her toys or slaps us, we make her kiss us the imaginary boo-boo that she gave us and tell her that it hurt. And “no hit”.

The other night after her bath, I was playing around and popping Kaela on her butt. She thought it was hilarious. Then she stopped laughing and said “No hit Mommy- Kiss my butt!” She stuck her butt in the air and kept saying it over and over. “Kiss my butt Mommy! Kiss my butt Mommy!” I died laughing and told her that “no, I will not kiss your butt!”

My new gig…

August 21, 2010

I am going to be blogging over at a fitness website each week. My first post is up under my title Operation Bikini. You should check it out. There are amazing women writing on this blog and I feel honored to be part of it.

I still plan to post here so you can get your regular dose of Kaela!


August 17, 2010

My baby is two.

I have had the hardest time trying to write this post.

I have started several versions of this and deleted them all.

There is part of me that is sad because she isn’t a baby anymore. Another part of me is so glad she isn’t a baby anymore. Night feedings, burp cloths and bottles seem like the distant past. Now it’s demands for cookies, marker on the walls and tantrums. Before she would cry and we didn’t know why. Now she screams and tells us exactly why.

I’m not sure which is better.

I love the little person she has become. She is funny and smart. She tells me that her daddy has a stinky butt and then just laughs. She looks at Mason’s belly and asks where his boobies are. When I sneeze, she says “bless you Mommy” and says “thank you” whenever you give her something she really wants. She is goofy and silly and loves to look at pictures of herself.

I love that she gives me kisses and hugs and wants me to hold her when she is scared. I dread the day when she rolls her eyes at me and locks herself in her room when she has a bad hair day or when a boy breaks her heart. I tell her all the time that I love her and sometimes she says that she loves me back.

I hate that she won’t ever eat and that she will scream in horror at the same food she loved just last week. I hate that she is so particular about things and that if one hair or toy is floating in the bathtub that she will have a screaming fit. She is also deathly afraid of feathers and won’t drink water unless it’s out of my glass.

She refuses to sit down in the bathtub, but she will play in the ocean.

I love that she is so compassionate. We can’t read about Humpty Dumpty because she gets too upset about his fall. When the monkeys jump on the bed, she can’t handle the fact that they fall down and bump their head. If I hurt myself, she will offer to kiss it and make it “all better”. When I yawn, she says “Are you tired, Mommy?”

People say that with two year olds, they go from being awesome to horrible in the matter of seconds. It’s funny though because after spending a whole day together, I can’t remember any of the terrible times. I remember how she ran up to me and asked for a hug for no reason. I remember how we read books together and she was making the cutest donkey sounds. I remember how she asked if she could have pepperoni for dinner and how much we laughed.

The best part is that she is mine.

I get to kiss that cute face every day.

I am so lucky.

What I learned from my week at the beach…

August 5, 2010

1. When you put 9 adults and 8 children into a house together, there is never enough room.

2. I am too old go to bed every night at 2:00am and get up at 7:00am and feel like a normal person.

3. When you sit in the surf and make sand castles, you will get sand in places where it is almost impossible to get out.

4. Vacations with young children are not really vacations.

5. 8 children in the same room are really, really loud.

6. When the website doesn’t show pictures of every bedroom, there is probably a reason for that.

7. It takes at least an hour to get everyone and everything ready to cross the street to go to the beach.

8. It is freakin’ adorable when the kids take baths together, not as adorable when mine is screaming the whole time.

9. Kassia and I should take our rendition of shut your cry hole “Itsy Bitsy Spider” on the road.

10. My friends are absolutely hilarious and so are their children.

11. It is possible to laugh so hard that your stomach is sore for days.

12. Folly Beach is infested with rats. Really, it is so gross.

13. Jellyfish suck.

14. I really need to live closer to the beach.

15. When you pay your house sitter in wine, they might not do a very good job.

Picture of Kaela after having a tantrum because she was ready to go to the beach and we were taking too long… this happened daily!