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Drama Queen

September 21, 2010

It is funny how someone so small can be so manipulative. A child who has only been in this world for a mere 25 months already knows how to push our buttons and how to get what she wants. Actually, this all began months ago.

It started innocently enough. Whenever she would be sleeping in her bed, she would ask for milk. At all times of the night. We would jump up, go get her milk, bring it to her and then wait for her to finish, tuck her back in and repeat several times each night. We honestly believed she was thirsty and it didn’t occur to us that she may be just trying to make us come in there- just to say hi. Then we realized that if we just ignore her, she goes back to sleep.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Once she figured out that the MILK cry wasn’t going to work for her anymore, she switched it up. Now it’s “Mommy, I pooped in my diaper”.


That’s what she yells out from her bed in the morning. She knows we don’t want her to stew in her own poo, so yes, we go in there and get her up. About 99% of the time, there is no poopoo.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Her latest scam is to claim fake injuries for sympathy and/or extra attention. When she is running around the house and asking me a million questions about every random thought that crosses her tiny mind and I am busy watching TV doing laundry, she will start saying “Ouch. Hurt!”

There is no ouch. There is no hurt.

I will ask her if she is lying or telling Mommy a story. She will lie again. “I not lie Mommy”.

When she wants something, she will put her little chubby hands under her chin and turn her head to the side “Wanna go room Mommy?” (She wants me to go to her room with her) How do you say no to that?

I can’t.

Neither can Devon.

I can see it now. “Can I borrow the car and $200 Daddy?” … We are in big trouble with this one.


Talk to me…

September 10, 2010

Kaela never stops talking. NEVER STOPS. She talks in her sleep. She talks while she eats. She talks non-stop all day long every day. She has so much to say, all the time. She also repeats each thing she says about 6000 times. Until you spend a whole day with her, you can’t possibly understand. It is exhausting. Constantly having to repeat your answer to her repeated questions makes my brain hurt.

“Mommy, watch Dora?”

“Yes, it’s starting right now.”

“Mommy, watch Dora?”

“Yes, you can watch Dora. It’s on the TV right now. See?”

“Mommy, watch Dora. Come sit couch Mommy and watch Dora.”

“Oh, you want Mommy to watch Dora? Okay, let me put this laundry away and I’ll be right there.”

“Nooooooooo Mommy!!!! Watch Doooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa.”

“I will. Hold on please. I’m coming.”

“Mommy coming. Mommy at work. Mommy coming. Where’s Daddy?”

No, Mommy’s not at work. She is right here. Daddy is at work.”

“Daddy, watch Dora?”

“No, Daddy’s at work. I will watch Dora in two minutes.”

“Kaela two. Mommy four.”

??” (Trying to ignore the crazy talk.)

“Mommy’s four.”

“Mommy’s four.”

“Mommy’s four.”

No, Mommy is 33. Kaela is two.”

“Mommy’s two. Watch Dora Mommy.”

Okay. You win.”