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October 7, 2010

He was sitting in the dining room folding napkins. He was very tall with black hair and full lips. I tried not to stare at him. We were introduced and about 5 seconds later, I couldn’t remember his name. I am bad with names. I had started working there about a week prior to our first meeting. I don’t remember my first meeting with any of the other servers. He was different.

I soon found out that he had a girlfriend.

Stupid girlfriend.

Of course, I conveniently forgot that I had a boyfriend, for just a second.

We made small talk. He was funny and so charming.

Very quickly, we became friends. We talked about our lives and bonded over our unhappy relationships. He claims that he waited on all of my tables for me, but I still disagree with that. We worked side by side for almost a year. Sometimes in the tight spaces of the kitchen, we would accidently brush up against each other. Sometimes it would obviously be on purpose. I would see him looking at me. It would make my heart race.

I broke up with my boyfriend.

He was still attached.

I started dating someone else.

The timing was always off.

I never told him how I felt about him although I’m sure he had an idea. I referred to him as the “original hottie” to my roommates and would check my schedule each week to see if he was working with me.

Those were the best days.

Eventually he and his girlfriend broke up. (I may or may not have had something to do with that. I’m sure they would have broken up even without my involvement, or that’s what I tell myself to ease the guilt.)

We were both fired from Ronnie’s within a few weeks of each other and started working at another restaurant together. Then another after that…

It was fate.

We were on the rebound and neither of us really thought it would last. We were so young.

11 years later and here we are.

I married my best friend… the original hottie.

Happy 8th Anniversary baby!