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Dog is love…

November 20, 2010

Sometimes someone in your life will do something to make you love them just a little bit more. You know, you already love them, but then BAM they do something that lets you see right down into the bottom of their big heart.

Kaela has finally discovered the joy of torturing playing with her dogs. She is still very easily irritated by them, as am I, but she loves to ride them and hug them and tell them they are good boys.

Oscar and Mason are the most patient and loving dogs I have ever known and this week, I love them a little bit more…


All grown up…

November 2, 2010

When I see a newborn, I am just amazed by how little they are. How helpless. Kaela still wants her binky, she still needs her blankie, and she still wants me to hold her when she is sick or scared.

I still think of her as my baby.

She wants to do everything herself. She tells me all the time that she is “not a baby”. “I a big girl” she tells me with such pride. She can climb into her own car seat, put on her own pants and brush her own teeth. She tells me about her friends at school and can tell you that her favorite food is pizza. She knows how to look at pictures of herself on my iPhone and to change the channel on the TV. She runs and pedals her bicycle and climbs everything in sight.

She is such a big girl.

“Bye Mommy” she said as she struggled to pull her little wagon down the driveway.

“Bye baby” I whispered.