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Pants on Fire…

December 17, 2010

We have been very fortunate that Kaela is a good sleeper. Naps are another story, but nighttime is usually stress free and she is happy to go to bed. We are lucky. We have friends who have to sit in the room while their children fall asleep just to prevent hours of crying and frustration. We have never had to do anything like that. Recently though, she has been getting a little scared at nighttime. I think she realizes she is alone and she doesn’t want to be. We still use the baby monitor while she is in her room, mostly for entertainment purposes. I have mentioned before that she used to trick us by saying she needed milk but really just wanted us to come in there. Her lies are much more sophisticated now.

Here are some examples:

1. I hurt my foot!
2. My fingernails are too long!
3. I am so thirsty!
4. Help me!!! Help!!
5. Ayudame! (“help me” in Spanish- she watches A LOT of Dora)
6. I don’t feel well!
7. My (insert random body part here) hurts!
8. I’m scared of the snow!
9. Turn the light on!
10. Mommy, I neeeeeeed you!

I have to give her points for creativity and even using bi-lingual lies. It is impressive to me. Eventually she tires from all of this story telling and falls asleep.

She also lies when she is mad or frustrated and will tell me things like “Mommy hit me” or “Oscar stabbed me”. I don’t know where she gets this stuff from and if she ever told these particular lies to someone who didn’t know her, we might have a problem on our hands.

If she can come up with this stuff at the age of 2, what will it be like by 4 or 14? Ayudame!

(a totally unrelated grainy iPhone photo for ya)