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Kaela Version 2.5

February 11, 2011

Kaela is two and a HALF today. The Half if a big deal when you are a kid. I clearly remember being 7 and a HALF. I was not a baby seven year old, I was 7.5! I still know when my own half-birthday is, but no one (DEVON!) will acknowledge it… something about being a way too old for that. Whatever!

Last night Devon got home from a long week on the road and Kaela was more than excited to have him home. She was bouncing off the walls and being adorable as usual. She likes to pretend that she is an animal and here is how that conversation went…

Kaela- “I’m a baby Jaguar- see my claws” ” RAAAAARHHHHHH”

Devon- “I’m a jaguar too- RAARRRHHH”

Kaela- “you are NOT a jaguar, I’m a jaguar- YOU are a polar bear”

Devon- “Oh okay. I’m a polar bear… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Me- “What animal am I?”

Kaela- “You are an animal”

Me- “What KIND of animal am I? Can I be a kitty cat?”

Kaela- “You are NOT a kitty cat… (long pause) YOU are a COW!”


Happy Half Birthday, Princess Kaela!



February 11, 2011

I have thought about how to recap the last 2-3 months that I have not had time to document. Should I skip it and just move on or should I do something? I write this blog for me just as much as for the readers. I thought about what I would like to remember about the holidays and what I would like go back and read about years from now. I also hope Kaela will want to read this one day and what details of her childhood she would be glad I documented. Some things stick with you over time, but we are so busy and our days so full that it’s sometimes easy to forget.

I don’t know if I will remember how she was afraid of Santa Clause but liked that he had a white beard… “Daddy has a black beard.” Will I remember the look on her face when she saw the Christmas tree in our living room or how she got so excited every time she saw Christmas lights on the houses in the neighborhood? I hope I don’t forget how she got to spend Christmas at her Nanny’s house and slept in a real bed by herself for the first time. Or how good she was in the car on our road trip to Augusta even after we forgot to charge the DVD player and couldn’t use it on the way home. I hope she remembers that when we got home from our weekend visiting Devon’s family that there was a huge snowstorm we got to have an extra day off to play with all of our new toys. I don’t know if I will remember that we had to leave the dogs at the kennel for an extra day because the roads were so bad and that Kaela kept asking for them and looking for them. I hope Kaela remembers her first trip to the Aquarium and how much fun she had playing with Jackson on our trip to Charleston.

I also want to remember that my parents came to babysit for New Years Eve so that Devon and I could go celebrate and be childless for a night but that all we talked about was Kaela and would have had just as much fun spending the night at home with her.

Kaela has grown up so much in the past few months and when I look at her, I can barely remember the baby in her. She is tall and gangly and she never stops talking. She is bossy and opinionated and strong willed. She is sweet and loving and has the softest skin I have ever felt. I know I can’t freeze time, but at least I can capture the special moments and tuck them way back in my memory and when that fails, I can read my blog.

Happy Birthday to me…

February 4, 2011

Thirty-four is an interesting age. Not old, not young. Just… well, just middle aged?? Of course I hope (I think) that I will live past age 68, but I am just in the middle. It’s funny how people at this age can be at such different places in their lives. I have friends who are married, unmarried, dating, childless, traveling, still in school, some have 4 kids, some work, some don’t, some have their own businesses. I’m sure there are even some that still live at home with their parents. 34 is still in that safe range where people don’t look at you too funny if you are in any situation at this age (except for maybe the living at home thing). It’s not considered too young to have a bunch of kids or too old to still be figuring out your career path. There are, of course, many things that I am too old for- I have prepared a list…

1. Shopping at most of the stores in the mall.

2. Staying up past 11:00pm.

3. Using makeup with glitter in it.

4. Eating late at night.

5. Sitting on the floor for longer than 10 minutes.

6. Wearing pants with writing on the butt… why draw extra attention?

7. Figuring out texting abbreviations. My brain doesn’t work that way.

8. Long road trips. I would rather fly.

9. Really loud music.

10. Dealing with stupid people.

So on my birthday, we went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant and had good food, good conversation and a humiliating serenade of Happy Birthday by the entire restaurant staff. Devon told them it was my birthday, so out they came with a giant sombrero and fried ice cream. He tried to film it, but forgot to push the record button on his phone! Ha! I win. Kaela hated it and screamed the whole time they were singing. She loves it when they sing to other people in the restaurant, but not to me. She must have thought they were hurting me or something. She was very tired and sprouted a long tail and devil horns by the time we got home and screamed for about 45 minutes straight. Two year olds are great!

Because I have not posted in so long, I will be putting together a recap of the past two months, along with pictures and Kaela stories- stay tuned…