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Big Kid

September 7, 2011

So a lot has happened in the world of Kaela lately and I just can’t seem to find the time to keep up with it and Devon always has our computer with him. I think I need an iPad. Maybe I will send Santa a letter and hope that one shows up under the Christmas tree this year. I mean, I don’t want one for myself… it’s for the children!

Anyway, back to the point of this entry… what was the point? Oh yeah, big changes for my little princess. At the beginning of July, we finally got rid of that stupid pacifier. It was easier than I thought and she only had trouble for about a week, but she really hasn’t slept the same since. Especially for naptime. She acts as though we are asking her to put her feet in hot lava rather than lay down and rest for a couple of hours so that her poor tired, very pregnant, mommy can also get some rest and a break from her non-stop talking. Seriously, she never shuts up. She constantly gives a play by play of everything she is doing or thinking. It is cute at first, but spend an entire day with that and you will need a day at the spa to recover.

Last month, Kaela became officially potty trained! She has been wearing pull-ups and using the potty for about 6 months, but she finally is diaper/pull-up free and so proud of herself. She has had a couple of accidents at school and of more than a couple at home, but she is trying. There was also that one unfortunate (for me) accident at the mall where we had Mexican food for lunch and then went straight to the mall… I will spare you the details!

The next big change for Kaela will be huge. She acts like she is excited to be a big sister, but I know her. I know she just says what everyone wants to hear. When she is being herself, she says things like “Mommy, I won’t hit the baby…” or “Mommy, why is that baby in your belly?” or “Where is that baby going to live?” It will be tough. I know that. I just hope that will adjust quickly and be excited to have a new person in the family. Like I said, I hope. What I expect is that she will be pretty jealous and give us a hard time about everything… which is not really any different from how she normally is. We have about 7 or 8 more weeks to let her enjoy being an only child. So during that time, I will give her extra hugs, extra snuggles (when she lets me) and play with her in her room when all I feel like doing is lying on the couch. I will try to enjoy her 3-year-old self, as challenging as it may be. I will remember that even though she tells me every day that I am her best friend, that one day, I won’t be.