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Christmas Germfest

December 26, 2011

I spent the day wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial soap, wiping noses, and wiping butts. I would like to go on and on about what a magical Christmas we had, but it just wasn’t.

Kaela was excited that Santa had come and loved her new toys, but the poor thing just didn’t feel well and spent most of the day whining and wiping her sore little nose. She woke up at about 11 on Christmas night burning up with fever. We had to hold her down to force her to take medicine. Great fun!

Devon pouted and moped around most of the day, but still managed to make us a delicious vegetable soup. We had apple pie, cookies and candy. The food portion of the day was a success, but as for the rest of it… I call do-over!



Sneaky Little Liar!

December 24, 2011

Kaela – “Mommy, I have to go pee. I can do it all by myself… Don’t come in there. ”

Me- “Ok. Are you sure?”

Kaela- “Yes!!!” as she runs away toward the bathroom.

About 2 minutes later, she returns to the living room with chocolate and guilt covering her face.

Me- “Where were you?”

Kaela- “I didn’t go to my room and eat candy ’cause you said I couldn’t have anymore candy.”


Lazy Saturday

December 19, 2011

I am not confident enough with the two kids yet to take them anywhere by myself, alone…with the little people out numbering me! It’s just too much to handle, or so I think because I haven’t even tried. So on Saturday when Devon had to work all day, we made the best of it. There was lots of dress-up, fake dinners prepared by chef Kaela, and tickling the baby. It wasn’t very exciting or productive, but it was exhausting and wonderful.