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The Boy

January 13, 2012

Having to be away from this smiling face for 10 hours each day should be illegal.



Say What?

January 11, 2012

Living with a 3 year old is a cross between living with an insane person and a drunk person. I try to keep track of the craziness that spews out of her mouth. Most of it sounds like what you read from a fortune cookie or something a really intoxicated person would say.

My poop is like glitter because it sticks.

I’m going to shoot you with a gun and then you will be all wet.

You are ruining my life.

Mommy, will you sit benext to me? (like behind and beside)

Kyle can’t even dance.

When you get little like me Mommy, you can be real strong.

If I eat all my candy, can I get a prize?

Mommy, what letter does H start with?

We don’t eat rainbows. They are yuck.

I want a cake made out of ponies.

When I get big, I want to be a dinosaur.