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Sisterly Love

February 11, 2012

Kaela: “Mommy, you should go camping with me and Daddy.”

Me: “Well, I don’t really like camping.”

Kaela: “Why not?”

Me: “I just don’t like to sleep outside. I like my warm, soft bed.”

Kaela: “Well you can sleep in the tent with me and Daddy, then you won’t be outside.”

Me: “Ok. I’ll go. Can Kyle go too?”

Kaela: “NO! He’s too little. He has to stay home!”

Me: “Well then who will stay home and take care of Kyle?”

Kaela: “An alligator.”



Midnight Feedings

February 11, 2012

Is it 2am or 4? I’m not sure.

I stumble to the kitchen to make him a bottle. I hear the tiny yelps coming from his room. I fumble around trying not to wake up the dogs, who will think it’s morning and time to eat. I tiptoe past Kaela’s room hoping the creaking of the cold hardwood floors won’t startle her in the night.

When I get to his room, I see him waving his arms around and he has kicked off his blanket.

I reach in his crib, scoop up his tiny body and settle into the rocking chair.

While he sucks down his bottle, I smell his hair.

I let him hold my finger in his chubby hand and he squeezes with all his might. I close my eyes and try to focus on how perfectly he fits in the crook of my arm.

I know he won’t fit there for long.

We rock back and forth and the wind chimes outside startle him. He looks up at me but never stops drinking his bottle.

I put him over my shoulder to burp him but he does that on his own. He lays his tired head against my chest.

The room is dark except for the streetlight shining in the window.

He falls back to sleep in my arms and I know I should put him back in his crib. I take an extra moment to watch him sleep with his cheek squished up against my collarbone. His pouty lip pokes out and he makes a little grunting noise with each breath.

This might be the best part of my day.



February 2, 2012

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