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May 18, 2012

The things that come out of this child’s mouth always keep me entertained. I haven’t decided if she is going to be a brilliant creative writer one day or maybe just a pathalogical liar.

Kaela – Mommy, look at my booboo!!

me- Oh, how did that happen? (squinting to see the tiny red mark on her thumb)

Kaela- I fell down and a snake bit me!

Kaela- Mommy! I am a BEAST!!! GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR (after watching Beauty and the Beast for the 6000th time)

me- Ok.

Kaela- Mommy, I am a MEAN BEAST!!!!! I have brown fur and I wear a cape! I am MEAN!!!

me- Ok.

Kaela- Mommy!!! Be scared of me or I will kill you dead with this piece of popcorn and you won’t be able to eat candy unless you ride the unicorn.

me- Ok. (WHAT?)

Kaela- Mommy, why do we poop?

me- Um, because what ever food goes in, must come out. (the very scientific response)

Kaela- GROSS! I don’t eat with my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!