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My first attempt at posting a video!

July 24, 2012

So Kyle has been saying bye-bye, when prompted, and this is my attempt at trying to get him to say it on camera. I was almost successful… Kyle talking


It’s all his fault…

July 24, 2012

He’s the reason I don’t sleep through the night.

He’s the reason I have stretch marks and saggy skin.

He’s the reason I spend hours each week washing and making bottles.

He’s the reason we have no guest room anymore.

He’s the reason my cell phone has over 200 pictures and videos… just in the last 2 months.

He’s the reason I can’t stop smiling when I’m at home.

He’s the reason I have already forgotten how hard newborns can be.

He’s the reason I can’t throw out my maternity clothes.

He’s the reason my heart hurts when I’m at work.

He’s the reason I can’t wait to get up in the morning.


Sun, dead animals, fever and fun!

July 16, 2012

This year’s beach vacation was one of the most relaxing and stress free weeks we have had. It was also one of the most stressful and exhausting vacations of my life. Strange that it can be both.

A much smaller group this year made everything flow easier. There was no drama about the room selection, there was more room in the fridge for food and Devon voted himself to be our personal chef for the week. We had 6 adults and 9 kids (ranging in age from 8 months to 11 years). The big kids were great help with the little ones and most of the little ones aren’t so little anymore.

The house was really outdated and must have been owned by swingers in the 1970’s as was evident by the giant walk-in shower- big enough for about 4 people- and hot tub that was in the bedroom… not in the bathroom! There were mirrors everywhere and velour couches that we lovingly referred to as the flea couches. We have definitely stayed in nicer houses before, but you couldn’t beat the location. On the fourth day of the vacation, a strange smell was coming from the fireplace. We concluded it must have been some type of dead animal, although no one wanted to open the thing up to see if that was true. We called the realty company who sent out a 70 year old toothless guy to spray some air freshener and to tell us “just don’t use that room”… um… okay. That is the living room! Brandi tried to reason with the guy by explaining that if something is dead in there, isn’t the smell going to come back??? He then plopped the can of air freshener down on the table like he had just solved the case. We all just sat there dumbfounded for about 20 minutes after he left. So then we had lavender/ dead animal smells coming from the fire place.

The Reedy family was also nice enough to bring some funky virus to the beach with them. We brought wine and they brought vomiting and fevers! It started with their adorable Noah and then went to Trey. He got an ER visit out of the deal and DJ got to flirt with hot nurses at the children’s hospital at MUSC. Luckily the plague only lasted about a day. It later spread to DJ, then Kassia, then Devon , then myself. Nick’s kids got it too, but not until they were already home from the beach. Because we all have such wonderful parents, they agreed to take the kids off of our hands on the 4th day so we could have 2 whole days kid-free! This was fantastic and the “stress-free” portion of the trip. The adult illness onset did not start until the kids were gone. I guess that was pretty good timing except for me being sick on the trip back to Asheville and puking in the Chic Fil A parking lot. (For some reason chic fil a and I have a history of puking… or maybe it’s the Reedys and I. I might have to look into this further!)

Because there is so much to say about the “contagion Vacation” as Kassia has named this year’s trip, I will just make a list of the best parts and the worst parts…

The best:
1. Getting to know my friend’s kids and see what amazing parents my friends have become.
2. Watching Kaela in action- and improving her one liners- including, but not limited to: calling Nick a Fuzzy Girl, telling Devon that she was going to “broke his eyes out of his head” and when she was mad telling everyone that she was going to “broke all the things”. Screaming in anger or crying whenever anyone called her “Kaela Weala”. That was sooooo 2010. That girl is a piece of work.
3. Lots of late night conversations with my favorite people over lots of bottles of wine- conversations that even included religion and politics and no one got hurt… well except for Devon, but he got Nick back later with a football. Don’t ask.
4. Seeing Kaela get over her fear of the ocean on the last day and tell everyone that she swam in the “big wave beach” all by herself!
5. Watching Kyle in the ocean for the first time. I will say it was not his favorite thing because small babies and beach don’t really mix very well with all the sand and heat and sticky nastiness. But he was a trooper and loved to sit in the tide pool and splash and grab big handfuls of wet sand. It was pretty adorable.
6. Great food! Thanks again Devon.
7. Sleeping late AND getting a Pedicure on the same day. Amazing.
8. Seeing DJ and Devon perform a live impromptu rap concert to get Jackson to eat his chicken.
9. Getting to spend some time at the beach with my cutie-pie nephew, Jackson while hopefully not scaring him too badly with our craziness.
10. Our delicious dinner at Pana e Vino downtown Charleston and the party bus that took us there.
11. The beach. My toes in the sand and the beautiful blue skies we had for the entire week. Not one rain drop, not one cloud. It was perfect. There is no place I would rather be.

The worst!

1. Sleeping in the same room as Kyle. He is a very light sleeper and so am I. This is a bad combination. Also, due to #3 above, this made for a very tired momma.
2. Sick kids, sick parents…. Sickie sick sick.
3. The smell!
4. Sun-blocking babies. Trying to get Kyle lathered up is like wrestling a pig.
5. Not getting to have Bloody Mary Sunday thanks to the plague.
6. Severe lack of sleep from Monday through Thursday. Friday evening we were all in bed by 11:00 and that was our first kid-free night. We barely had the energy to walk home from dinner and complained about it the whole time.
7. Mosquitoes, especially for Kassia.
8. Some idiots stole our beach tent on the 4th of July after the fireworks display- the 2nd day!
9. Deciding to walk down to the peer and back at 5:30am with Kyle when he was sick and fussy. I carried him. The whole way. And back. My calves hurt for a week.
10. Fred Holland Realty.

So as always, the good outweighed the bad and I would do it again tomorrow. Time spent with my friends is like my therapy. I need it and I always feel better afterward.

Now here’s some pictures. Of course the pretty ones are from Kassia.