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Hey Jealousy!

August 20, 2012

I’m sure having a new baby in the house is hard to deal with. Kaela was the one and only for the first 3 years of her life and she is still not used to sharing Mommy and Daddy.

She can’t articulate her feelings so instead she fakes injuries, stomach aches and cries a lot.

She is usually a loving big sister and enjoys having Kyle around until he drools on her blankie or picks up one of her toys. She gets so mad at him until he just smiles and flashes his big blue eyes at her and then all is forgotten. He already knows how to work that girl.

There is already a sweet bond between them and seeing that is one of the best parts of having two kids. I will catch them holding hands in the back seat of the car and the first thing she wants to do in the morning is to go see him. She makes sure there are no small things within his reach and that he has his binkie when he cries. She wipes his mouth when it’s dirty and loves making him laugh.

Kaela told me yesterday that she wanted a son just like Kyle and that he was her precious boy. I had to give her some ice cream for that one.



Crawl! Faster!

August 17, 2012

It’s still very strange for me to see Kyle crawling. I guess it’s because Kaela never did or maybe because he is just so fast. All I know is that he never stops moving and I am exhausted!

Crawl! Faster!

The Sleep Fighting Champion of the World!

August 3, 2012

Our nightly routine goes something like this:

Mommy, I’m soooo tired!


Oh! Wait! I’m totally kidding!


So I lay him down in his crib and feed him a bottle. He dozes off to sleep so I ninja crawl out of the room. Then about 6 seconds later, I hear some laughing and baby noises.

Just kidding Mommy! I’m not sleepy!


I lay him back down, get him calm and snuggling with his blanket. Again, I sneak out of the room. 10 seconds later:


We repeat the same routine about 165 more times:


Finally, he passes out from an overdose of his own cuteness.

Crawl and Scream

August 2, 2012

Another Kyle video. He is starting to crawl and screams for fun. crawl and scream