When people with older children or grown children tell me to “cherish every moment” or to enjoy it now because it all goes by “so fast”, I have to keep myself from rolling my eyes. I know their intentions are good and they are only thinking of their own experiences. Maybe they didn’t cherish every moment themselves and have regrets about that. But the fact is there are many moments that I do not cherish. Those include anything to do with bodily functions/fluids, waking up the middle of the night, force feeding vegetables, cleaning up toys 5 seconds after I put them away, waking up at the crack of dawn every day, the endless loads of laundry, the bickering, the hitting, the biting, the back-talking, the bad attitude, the grooming, the doctor’s appointments, the sick days, the cranky days, the oh my god get out of my face days.

Then there are the other moments. The ones that you don’t even realize are “moments” until you find yourself smiling and forgetting about all the laundry and dishes and bills to pay. Maybe it’s a quiet, sweet moment between siblings, or an act of kindness when it’s unexpected. It could be a thank you for a not- so- good meal prepared in a rush after a long day at work. It’s an “I love you” instead of simply a response “I love you too”. Sometimes it’s just a snuggle on the couch or a morning walk on the beach looking for shells. Maybe it’s when a big sister helps teach her little brother to say, “butt face” or helps him open his snack. It’s when a little brother asks, “where’s Kaela?” first thing, every morning and how his whole face lights up every time she walks into a room.

I think those are the moments to cherish. This is what those people are referring to. The little things. We always pay attention to the big events like vacations, the first days of school, the first steps, and the first words. We automatically heighten our senses to take in every moment. But it’s the little things that we tend to miss, in the day-to-day grind of our insanely busy over-scheduled lives. We need to wake up our brains, put down our phones and pay attention. You never know what you might miss.





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