Quick Recap!

As my first and ONLY child, Kaela’s first years of life are well documented. Kyle…. Well, not so much. I am always thinking of a moment I want to capture but then something else happens and then before you know it, I have forgotten the first thing. It seems to be an endless cycle. So in the past few months, the kids have grown, they have done cute things, they have done some not-so-cute things, they have made me smile, they have made me cry, they have made me angry, they have made me laugh. We have traveled to Folly Beach, Charleston and Augusta. Kaela turned 5 and Kyle turned 2. Devon and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. There is just too much to go into detail for each thing, so I will just make a list of hilarious things the kids have said and of course, some pictures. (easy out!)

1. Kaela “I have a boyfriend. His name is Justin Bieber.”

2. Kyle “You are a poopy butt. You are a mac n cheese face”

3. Kaela “There is a boy in my class named Graham. His last name is Cracker. I promise”

4. Kyle “Daddy, you are a silly girl!”

5. Kaela “When I grow up to be a teenager, I am not going to have hair on my armpits. That is so gross”

6. Kyle “Mommy, COME. HERE.NOW. COME. SEE. KYLE. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!” (every morning, about 50 times from his crib)

7. Kaela “I want to marry Kyle. Is that ok?”

8. Kyle “Mommy, I burped. In my diaper.”

9. Kaela “Can we go to Hawaii? Tomorrow?”

10. Kyle “Old McDonald had a farm. Eieioooooooooo. On that farm he twinkle twinkle little star and now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me!!!! YAY!!!”

11. Kaela “Unicorns are real because I saw one outside of my window. I promise”

12. Kyle “I want juice in my green cup!” (I hand him juice in his green cup) “NO! not juice. No green cups!!!”

13. Kaela “Why do some people’s faces not look so good?”




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