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May 12, 2013

Someone stole my baby and replaced him with a boy. I am not ok with that.



18 Months

May 5, 2013

It’s hard for me to believe Kyle is already 18 months old. It’s gone by so quickly. It’s also been so challenging. And so rewarding. And so tiring. And filled with laughter. And tears.

He is passionate and determined. He is cuddly and loving. He meets physical challenges with ease. His vocabulary is growing everyday but his favorite word is Kaela. He loves his sister with his whole heart and wants to do everything she does. He knows his body parts but calls most animals “doggy”. He can count to 10, when he’s in the mood. He loves Spongebob and does a hilarious Patrick impersonation. He loves to eat and smiles all the time.

He still rarely sleeps through the night and screams through each bath. He loves being tickled but hates having his diaper changed. He loves bellies and wants to show you his and to see yours.

He loves trucks and balls. He loves dressing up in my high-heels. He loves “outside!” and will ask to go “outside!” about every 6 seconds.

Because I know he is my last baby, there is a big part of me that wants him to stay a baby. But then I see what an awesome little boy he is becoming and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I love you buddy!





Gone baby, gone!

November 28, 2012

He reaches his hands toward the sky. “UP?” he says. As I bend to pick up his solid little body, he smiles with his entire face. He nuzzles my neck for just a minute and then bends and turns to be put down. He points to the Cheetos on the counter “MOAR! MOAR?” he cries until he grasps the cheesy snack between his chubby fingers. He drops his Cheetos because he is trying to hold three at a time while dragging his favorite blanket through the house and says “uh-OH!” He grabs the remote control for the TV and holds it up to his ear and his slightly crooked head. “Hewwow?” he says and laughs at his own ridiculous cuteness. It seems like within the last two months, he has grown from baby to boy. It’s bittersweet because unless we win the lottery, that we do not play, he is my last baby. I am so glad to be (mostly) done with sleepless nights, the non-stop crying and pacing the hallways in the darkness of the night. I am glad to be done with the jars of baby-food and the heavy infant car seat. All of the baby contraptions have moved to the basement and will soon be on craigslist for sale. No more swings, or baby bathtubs, bouncy seats or Bumbo’s. No more play-mats, boppy’s or pacifiers. Now it’s trucks and balls and soon Lego’s and bicycles. It is all happening so fast. If only I could pause time until I can get used to the idea of my baby being gone. Maybe have one more nap with him sleeping on my chest. Maybe one more bath in the sink. However, as I have been through this before, I know that time will march on whether I like it or not. This time though, in my heart, he will always be my baby.



Six Months

April 28, 2012

He smiles even when he’s sick. He laughs when he is exhausted. He wins the heart of everyone he meets. Kaela made me a mother but Kyle has made us a family. I am head over heals in love with this little guy.




November 23, 2011

Sometimes there is just too much to say. Sometimes life is just too amazing to put into words. I have been busy soaking it all in and trying not miss any precious moments. Kyle has turned our world upside down, but in the best way possible.

With Kaela, it took me a little while to really bond with her. The stress of dealing with a newborn for the first time and the shock of sleep depravation made it really difficult for me. I don’t remember the exact moment it clicked with her and she no longer seemed like a stranger to me, so I guess it was a gradual thing.

With Kyle, it was instantaneous. I was in love from the very first moment he was put in my arms. I smelled his head and kissed his cheek and I was head over heals in love with that little boy. It’s funny, because most people know that I was really unsure about having a boy. I was used to girls and just thought I was meant to be a mom to girls. He is not a great sleeper, but already a charmer. He has me wrapped around his tiny finger. His appetite is insatiable and he is constantly making noise. He grunts and hiccups and has more gas than I ever thought humanly possible.

Time is going by way too quickly and I wish it would just slow down so I could have more time to smell his soft baby hair and squish his puffy cheeks. I want to freeze time so I can remember every moment that my breath is taken away by how unbelievably lucky I am.